Online Education Growing Faster than Ever Before

Online education has been around for a while now. It’s not an entirely new concept because it’s been here since the 90’s. In the recent past, its growth has been unprecedented. Largely, it’s because tech is changing the face of education. To make it more palatable and not to be left out, respected institutions like Oxford, Stanford and Princeton to name but a few have joined the bandwagon.

Through consortiums like Coursera, students can attend college from some of the world’s most prestigious universities free. Starting out with just 16 million in venture capital, this tech start-up is one of the most revolutionary online education platforms with over 200 courses. Access is international and students from virtually everywhere can attend classes online.

For most students, gaining an international feel with online education has many benefits. First, since they don’t get charged to get the benefit for world class courses, this alternative is totally cost effective. Moreover, students also love the fact that they get to choose courses depending on their needs. Others just come to this platform to add courses their day universities don’t already offer. These skills even allow them get more qualifications. This certainly impacts their career prospects positively.

According to most education analysts, online education will almost take over in the next 10 years. There are of course doubts about this. However, considering that the assumption or even prediction of the present affairs was almost absurd, this is a possibility you can bet with.

Even then, despite the fact that online education’s popularity is growing at unprecedented levels, what the future holds remains open. The plain truth is that it will not replace day classes and universities. This is because some things must be taught live.

For lecturers who are taking part in these schemes, online education is the way to go. Rather than attend to 30 students in a day classroom, they can reach hundreds of thousands. For them, it’s one of the best opportunities there are. And considering platforms like Coursera are free for students, some see it as a way of actualizing what they know, giving back and just sharing information.

In the future, it’s predicted that more universities will be online. And many of these courses will attain a small charge. At least to cover expenses for certificates and as a return for the venture capitalists. Moving forward, students can enjoy free world class education to boost their knowledge and career prospects for now.

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